Introduction to Adobe After Effects

After Effects is a motion graphics and visual effects video composition tool.


  1. We begin by opening After Effects and creating a new composition and importing a file.

Introduction to After Effects _001

2. Using a Photoshop file we used the layers to form our motion graphic composition

Introduction to After Effects _002

3. The photoshop file should have its layers arranged



Introduction to After Effects _003


4. This screenshot demonstrates the isolated layers that are ready to be animated.

Introduction to After Effects _004

5. We click on SCALE, click on the % number and move your cursor until the layer fits the COMP (ie 38% of original). Alternatively you can click and type over the scale number. The lock between the 2 numbers (width and height) stops the layer from distorting out of the existing height to width ratio.

Introduction to After Effects _005


We start to manipulating the layer by toggling the transformation properties and applying a keyframe.




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