Expanded Park

A film investigating a notion of expanded cinema in virtual reality sited in the Royal Victoria Gardens, North Woolwich. The architecture itself becomes a screen for appropriated images.

Source: Expanded Park by Dominic Davis


Final Composition



The story behind this animation was to have an exploration of my site using augmented reality and creating different experiences to help aid in finding the perfect view in an enhanced environment.

Final Video

  1. The first motion was for me to get as many photos as I could to emulate a walkthrough.
For my Final Composition for my Future Representation module I decided to do a small animation exploring my site for Urban Design. Using an original photo from one of my site visits I go through initial preparation for my scene to look across the Thames Barrier.
First step for me was to use some adjustment layers on the original.
Isolating elements in the photo and placing them on separate layers.
Creation of a new sky layer using a panoramic photo to pan the layer across the composition.



A HUD (Heads up display to analyse elements of the area and create an augmented reality.



2. The next stage was to take these images and import them into the after effects work space just like we did in our introduction to after effects

.PSD File is brought into

3. Animating the HUD required me to use the keyframes and manipulate the positions of sight scopes

The next stage for me is setting up keyframes for elements of the HUD



Placement of the HUD on the main image for 2.5D animation.


Here a title sequence is being created using a solid layer in after effects