Understanding the African City – Columbia GSAPP Talk

Other Desires discusses the different aspects of the African City. Understanding this can help bring placement and visualising the African Future City.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



A Human Fairy Tale Named Black

Let’s talk about a fairy tale named black

This chapter just has a space is the place exploration vibe like a group of people must acquire what resources they have and return home. Discussing music and media themes talking of alienation and finding a solution for that which would eventually lead to returning home but the question is where is. Home what is the identity of it.


Encounters of a Space Cadet

This series of collages are based on my interpretations of what I have been reading from Ytasha Womack’s Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy Culture. In the introduction it describes what afrofuturism is and how and why the term was coined.

‘ “the actual term Afrofuturism was first used by critic Mark Dery in his 1994 essay “Black to the Future,” which examined why there were so few black science fiction writers at the time, given the genre’s inextricable links to the other and life on the margins.” – Ytasha Womack, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci Fi and Fantasy Culture

The first chapter discusses aspects of the impact of afrofuturism and what it has paved the way for;

  • The Rise of the Black Geek (Pop Culture in regards to Sci-fi)
  • Cosplay Rules (Fandom of popular Sci-Fi and Fantasy Media)
  • Dawn of a New Era (Rise in popularity)
  • A Cyber Movement being born (posthuman aspects of the Music and Media themes)
  • The Mother Ship lands on a historical black college (escapism and alienation)



Themes for Design and Thesis

For this project the themes that will be looked at I’m still working it out but it’s to do with Afro-futurism where I’ll be having a speculative Sci Fi look at the future. There are many interpretations of the future but it’s always based on the European and America view point and never really looking at what the future would look like from outside European and American view point.


Architecture the game has changed

After a long 9 months of year 1 part II there have been many things that I have learnt about myself as an individual and about Architectural education. Industry and education do not align but rather knowledge and application. Having more tools at your disposal determines how successful your campaign will be. I have struggled this year with creativity and execution. I had an interest in my subject at the start but it waned and it was very difficult for me to get into my projects and push them forward. My time during work experience allowed me to experience new things meet interesting people but it didn’t do much for my creativity because I didn’t supplement it with readings or looking at precedents and kind of creating a creative language or outlet for myself. My tutors this year a great talented individuals but my lack of interest in myself and lack of self belief made it difficult for them to help me. My approach to my project was too literal and then the execution struggled because the tweaking became too much I had an ok start to the year then confidence was rocked. So what I can take away is that in any venture you have to have confidence in your idea and execute it by any means having incomplete ideas is not always a negative but it can equally do great harm if you’re fixated on it. Architectural education allows you to flex your creativity and works more as an outlet before one would get into the logistics and other boring stuff. Failure is only not an option if you’re not willing to learn from it. I did feel like giving up but now I don’t wish to do that because I know what can be accomplished. I’m gonna keep practicing and keep reading and be more active on this blog not to just showcase my work but have discussions with anyone who is willing to and to give my opinion on subject matters.